Dudley's dungeon — Options

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Here you can set your preferences with regard to Dudley's dungeon. If you mainly use a text-browser (such as Lynx) you might want to select text-mode; if your browser is not very new you can disable popups.

You can either set your options and go on exploring from there, or press 'Remember me', which will set a cookie so your preferences are more permanent.

Name/E-mailFill in your e-mail address, or if you don't like that, a name you choose. This name will be used for comments and ratings.
Text-only Use a text-only version of strips, made with ASCII characters (much like NetHack itself.)
No popups Don't use popup explanations for certain words. If you don't want text-only, but your browser doesn't handle the popups correctly, check this setting.
Remember settings Select 'Remember me' to remember the settings. The next time you're here, your options will be set.
Select 'Forget me' to forget the settings. The next time you're here, you have to set your options again.
Select 'Set options' to use the options just for this session.

Want to contribute? Write an email to dudley@sadowl.com!
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